Hi there! 

I'm Beatriz. I'm a Service Designer at ICBC. I've collaborated with organizations in executing successful campaigns and initiatives with a data-driven and curious mindset.

My passion lies in design thinking and research where I'm determined to challenge the status-quo, constantly finding creative ways to understand why people do what they do and persistently ask "What can we do better?" in order to uncover opportunities we can tap into. I'm adamant in applying a customer-centric approach in all facets of my work making sure we're working towards achieving the project goal and vision.

Ultimately, I aim to help organizations thrive and grow by crafting seamless digital experiences with customer needs always top of mind.

In my spare time, I enjoy crocheting and wouldn't mind listening to The Beatles all day.

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"Beatriz was a pleasure to work with during my time at the Vancouver Art Gallery. She's an astute problem solver, constantly advocating for our members' needs and she always made sure it was the top priority within our team. She introduced the value of conducting research and made changes that immensely improved our internal processes and our members' experience."

Eunmi Byeon, Database & Administration Specialist at the Vancouver Art Gallery

"Beatriz was a pleasure to work with. Dedicated, strategic, and hard-working she grew Arts Umbrella's digital footprint significantly during her time there. She wasn't afraid to experiment with content formats and gauge their effectiveness, particularly rich media formats which were gaining traction in terms of engagement and attention. I would jump at the opportunity to work with Beatriz again."

Eric Lowe, Marketing & Communications Manager at UBC

"Beatriz was a superstar at Arts Umbrella. In the year (and a bit) that we worked together, not only did she manage our social channels, she was also a reliable designer and video editor. As her role evolved to include more web design and rich media content creation over the years, she was keen to step up and always delivered fresh, professional materials that made our organization look great. Anyone would be lucky to have her on their team."

Ariane Fleischmann, Marketing & Communications Manager at Arts Umbrella

"I had the pleasure of having Beatriz as part of my team at Kin's Farm Market for just over a year. She excelled in all aspects of the job. Not only was she organized, hard working, and creative, she was also a wonderful team player. I wholeheartedly recommend Beatriz."

Lia Fletcher, Marketing & Communications Manager at Kin's Farm Market

"Beatriz was a pleasure to work with on our shared project. She was organized and efficient, and always accommodated any change requests quickly and happily. Thank you, Beatriz, for helping us finalize such a great-looking report!"

Robyn Dugas, Digital Content Advisor at ICBC

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