Arts Umbrella's Splash

Completed 2017
Redesigned the event discovery experience of Arts Umbrella's biggest fundraiser of the year, Splash.
10% decrease in bounce rate and 9% increase in returning visitors

Project Brief

Splash is Arts Umbrella's annual art auction and gala that aims to raise funds for the non-profit's bursary and scholarship programs. I redesigned the event's landing page with these goals in mind:

01 Increase ticket sales with clearer calls-to-action

02 Decrease bounce rate through organizing and including relevant content for the event

03 Increase returning visitors by providing regular content including artist stories


01 Limitations with existing theme within Wordpress as a CMS

02 Working within existing page layouts of other page types (eg. blog)

03 1 month turnaround

Defining Pain Points

To begin this project, I referred to the previous landing page to analyze key pieces of information that were included.

From initial observations, I gathered these pain points to address:

01 CTA’s are out of place

02 Most important event information gets lost in the copy

03 There is no event imagery to entice people to go to the event

04 Inbound links were not taken into consideration, thus gaining no support for content strategy around the event

05 Content is not organized, no information hierarchy

Gathering Information

I then had kick-off meetings with event stakeholders to understand their needs and we laid out an initial outline of key information. We had multiple conversations about the hierarchy of information to set in place, specifically for the landing page.


With this sitemap, I quickly whipped up a wireframe to present to stakeholders to show how information will be presented visually, constantly referring to existing pages on the Wordpress CMS.

Final Design


After finalizing wireframes and content, I then worked to customize some elements of the Wordpress template to come up with a final design that included these elements, which addressed all pain points previously mentioned:

01 Emphasis on one main headline, with supporting details of the event

02 Having one clear CTA

03 Added supporting imagery and information

04 Defined a clear hierarchy of information and organized content taking into consideration content strategy established for the event

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This version has since been updated, but the overall layout and information architecture remain the same.

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‍‍10% decrease in the page’s bounce rate

9% increase in page views

The overall look and feel of the page was more in line with the Arts Umbrella brand.

Going further to define KPI’s to determine whether we achieved the goals we initially set out, I was able to report that there was a significant decrease in the event page’s bounce rate by 10% and a slight improvement in the pageviews with a 9% increase.

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